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"Rachel is amazing, she has helped me so very much, I cannot wait for her continued support in the new year I am signing up again! I have also heard how amazing her kids workshops are from my clients. Love your work Rach, I highly recommend Rachel and her services to anyone that needs guidance!
Peta Hyde Duncombe

"I wish every child had the opportunity to experience what Rachel has to offer. My daughter has become empowered and enriched through her time with this inspirational lady. Rachel has a beautiful light that attracts and an amazing rapport with kids. What a difference we could make if this course was available in our schools. Change the world one mindful child at a time Rach! "
Donna Marshall




We strongly believe that the Proud Peacock course should be incorporated into the Primary School Curriculum.

Our 9 year old daughter and 6 year old son have gained so much from the course and as a result I notice they are more confident, courageous, kind, appreciative and positive! The relaxation techniques and audio have been really helpful too. I wish this was taught as part of the health and wellbeing subjects at school- if more children had access to the Proud Peacock course/toolkit, imagine what a powerful impact this would have on the school. More positive, kind, respectful and appreciative students = more productive classroom and better learning opportunities = teachers can focus more on education and less on disruptive behaviour = high achieving school community the Principal can be proud of. Thanks Rachel for positively empowering our children and our wonderful community.


" I Had the pleasure of a session with Rachel which included archetype discovery, tai chi and a meditation session. Thanks for a wonderful and insightful session. Rachel is easy to speak with, she has a relaxing manner and expertly takes you through the tai chi and meditation. If you get a chance to have a meditation or mentoring session with Rachel do so - it will be beneficial and enjoyable. highly recommend speaking with her."
Trish Springsteen

"I am so pleased to be able to recommend Rachel Dickey and any of her classes, life coaching or meditation and mindfulness courses.
I have had the benefit of participating in Rachel's Essence classes, a combination of yoga, pilates and tai chi. Regular attendance at these classes gave me an opportunity to not only take some time out of my busy schedule but the chance to relax, stretch and spend an hour or so with a group of fabulous people. I thoroughly enjoyed these classes, my children 18 and 15 would accompany me from time to time also - I rarely missed a class and never regretted going, no matter how tired or busy I was.
During the time I attended the Essence classes, I came to a real crossroad and difficult time in my career which was affecting my family and home life also. I had absolutely no idea which way to turn and felt at a complete loss. It was at this time Rachel introduced a meditation course - my curiosity and somewhat cynical nature got the better of me and I figured I might as well have a go and I am so pleased that I did. Almost straight away everything became clearer and positive. I quickly made brave decisions that now felt so right. Rachel's meditation classes, coupled with her supportive and caring nature made me believe in and trust myself, where I was too scared and confused to do so before.
I was so influenced by Rachel and the benefits her classes and coaching offer that I entrusted her to support my son, an 18 year old tennis player, who was also struggling with his future and direction for his own life. Rachel was able to offer him guidance and support in such a way that he understood, was comfortable with and has been able to easily and readily reflect and implement strategies at difficult times.
I truly believe that had I or my son not have had the amazing opportunity to spend time with Rachel and learn from her different ways of coping and embracing what our lives have to offer us and what we are capable of accomplishing, that things could be very different today.
The Sunshine Coast is blessed to have Rachel Dickey there now and I wish her and her family every happiness and all the success in the world - I would encourage anybody of any age, fitness level or if you are looking for strength and support to spend some time with Rachel, I wish we still could".
Sharon Chambers

“Rachel Dickey ran the Primary Essence Program at our school in 2015. My daughter who was in Year 6 at the time participated in the course. The program supported students by providing coping strategies not only in the school environment but in everyday life. It helped them to find ways to calm themselves when they were feeling anxious or worried. Rachel taught them not to let these feeling overwhelm them, or stop them from learning and being the best person that they can be. During the course I heard my daughter say to herself "Come on - you can do it" whilst completing a task that she would have otherwise given up on! She continues to use mindfulness as a strategy to deal with everyday life.
I too enjoyed Rachel's Pure Essence classes which she ran in our local community three times a week. I came away from her class every time feeling like I had given something back to myself. In doing that, I was able to be more present and calm and therefore a happier and more productive person in everyday life.
Rachel's bubbly enthusiasm for life and her life coaching program is infectious and there are many people in our local community who have benefited from that (and miss it!)”.
Kind regards,
Virginia Healey
Community Liaison Officer
Pacific Palms Public School

“My son suffers from anxiety and Rachel Dickey’s proud peacock program helped him so much that we did it twice! I can’t recommend this program enough. It not only taught my son some invaluable techniques for dealing with his anxiety, but also to accept it as part of who he is. Rachel helped him see past his worries and realise that his anxiety does not define who he is. We still use some of the techniques from the program more than a year later. We loved every minute of it and are thankful for Rachel for putting it together”. Selina. X

“I have known Rachel Dickey for some time now and I have attended her classes. She is an amazing inspirational person who shares an abundance of love positivity and encouragement not only in her classes but in her everyday life.
My son suffers from anxiety and I enrolled him in Rachel's kids essence classes within weeks I noticed a change in my son, he came home from the class, he was full of confidence and couldn't wait to show me all that he had learnt he expressed himself with courage and contentment in his actions .. I never thought I'd see the day he was so enthusiastic and positive about something he had just learnt and accomplished! Thank you so much Rachel you really do make a change to the people you meet”. xo

“Thank you so much Rachel, our daughter absolutely loved her time with you & felt encouraged & supported. You have helped her tremendously. Rachel, you are a very caring & compassionate teacher. You built rapport with our daughter from day one. You made her feel safe & helped her verbalise her feelings by giving her the vocabulary & the OK to do it outside her home. We think you are beautiful” xxxx

“We have known Rachel Dickey for the past 5 years she is an truly amazing passionate woman. My daughter attended her 'Primary Essence' course last year, now renamed 'Proud Peacocks Workshop' on the Sunshine Coast. My daughter has ADHD and sensory processing issues affecting mainly her visual and auditory processing. She finds it very hard to sit still, concentrate and retain information given to her. Emily has tried lots of different afternoon school activities. Swimming, Zumba, soccer, netball etc. She really enjoys all these sports and they are great for her general fitness and social development. However, I found that after her lessons she was extremely hyped up (sensory processing overload) and she found it very hard to calm herself afterwards,. So I wanted to find an activity that would balance her and help teach her to calm her thoughts, relax her mind and help her build self-confidence. We definitely found that with Rach's course Proud Peacock workshop! Emily loved it! Over the weeks she came home feeling a lot calmer and enjoyed practising her new meditation and tai chi skills - she said 'it made her feel calmer and not so crazy' It taught Emily what mindfulness and meditation are and why stopping, breathing and calming her mind is so important. These sessions also helped her to build her self-esteem, learn about kindness, love and being grateful. Now when she is having trouble sleeping she concentrates on her breathing to relax her mind and body helping her to fall asleep more easily. Learning these very important life skills has really helped her at home and in her school environment. Unfortunately for us, Rachel moved to the Sunshine Coast at the beginning of this year although Emily still often goes back to read her workshop book from the course. It is fantastic that she has developed a genuine interest in learning these important life skills. I can highly recommend Rachel Dickey's Proud Peacock Workshop!
Alice Pannell, Forster

“Rachel, Akela was so full of praise for you and what she learnt. She re read everything with great interest and pleasure. I know the 3 values will be ticking around in that brain of hers for a very long time…… I knew she would just love you, well done! I am so grateful that you are dedicated in helping our children be happy, healthy well-adjusted adults! Love your work” ☺
“What a beautiful CD you have made for all your children. We have been playing it each morning just covering 2 weeks at a time. I just love it. Thank you for your efforts in making the world a better place” xo

“Thanks Rachel! Mattea really blossomed during the time she had with you. New situations and people scare her so I like to find safe spaces for her to practice in. Thanks for creating that space in which she could just be herself. Her confidence levels are high at the moment and you’re a big part of making that happen. I hope you can help other kids for a long time Rach, you’ve really found your niche”!! X

“I suffered from lower back aches for years, and then I heard about Rachel Dickeys' Tai Chi classes...sceptical I went along for one class. That was two years ago and I went back multiple times a week. After one class my back felt better than it had in months and I stopped going to the osteopath after a few months. Through the classes Rach taught me how to strengthen the muscles along my spine and free up my joints. Rach is an amazing instructor and I highly recommend to everyone of all ages to get on board with her Tai Chi classes, you'll not only feel better physically but mentally too. I haven't looked back and neither will you”.
Thankyou Rach x

“I wasn’t very satisfied with my life when I first contacted Love Your Life Coaching. Now, after just a few sessions, I feel like an entirely different person. I can’t recommend these coaching sessions enough.”

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