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Top 5 Tips on Building Self-Esteem

5 Top Tips - How to boost your self-esteem for women.

Did you know that 85% of the world’s population are affected by low self-esteem? Source “The self-esteem book” by Dr Joe Rubino.

Do you at times feel exhausted, not good enough, depleted, seeking happiness in bizarre places? No matter how strong we are, for most of us there has been a time in our lives when our self-esteem has been compromised or sacrificed. What do you do about it when this happens to you? Most women do little or nothing, as they do not feel they have the time, energy or resources to figure out, how they can feel better.

Self-Esteem is who you truly are. It is not your ego (who you think you are, or who others think you are). It is your true authentic self.

Often women will solider on, sweep things under the carpet or dismiss that fact that anything is wrong. What happens in these circumstances… struggle. When you struggle you create conflict. Conflict creates confusion, a feeling of uncertainty or worse. Now this is not all bad as confusion often means we are in the midst of making a decision. For some this is harder than it is for others. In particular if you are a perfectionist or an indecisive person, making a decision is always a challenge. However, once that decision has been made we initiate change and this is good for our self-esteem. We gain confidence and feel like we are achieving when we move forward.

Our self-esteem can be compromised from a very young age, where we may judge ourselves, compare ourselves to others and most commonly, listening to others. We listen to our family, friends, and teachers, coaches, anyone in our environment. This can be very confronting as a child, as we are not equipped with making life-changing decisions or have the ability to deal with such feelings.

Low self-esteem has been linked to violent behaviour, school dropout rates, teenage pregnancy, suicide, and low academic achievement. Source: Alexandra Delis-Abrams, Ph.D.

Without inundating you with statics it is a concern for our society and communities as we struggle with low self-esteem. It is apparent more needs to be done to help people overcome the issues of low self-esteem and the destructive effects it has on each individual.

Some set backs of suffering low self-esteem are;

  • Not speaking up for ourselves or for what we believe in.

  • Letting others speak or act on our behalf.

  • Not moving forward with our dreams and desires, feeling stuck with no green lights in sight.

  • Overthinking! This is so common and leaves you feeling drained, overwhelmed and at times insignificant.

  • Creates chaos in our lives as we struggle to make decisions, be confident and have trust in ourselves.

  • Turning to substance use to numb the pain.

I could go on with this list outlining many set backs however, I think you get the picture. What’s important now, is what we do about it?

Building Self-Esteem - Here are some of my tips on how to build self-esteem.

Tip 1: Decide that building your self-esteem is important to you. You may think this is an easy step however, for many women it simply is not. This means you have to make a decision that YOU are worthy of this time invested in yourself.

Tip 2: Go on a self-discovery journey. Do this in order to find your true self. Understand your archetypes, values, gifts, strengths and essential nature. Lets call this an experiment. By initiating this experiment you may quite possibly open up new life-changing doors. When we discover what makes us tick, we start to cheer.

Tip 3: Stop complaining about stuff and start counting your blessings. Truly this is a great opportunity to remind you of your strengths and triumphs. When we stop complaining we have an opportunity to speak of things that make us happy. Choosing words that will fill you with feel good hormones and increase your energetic vibration.

Tip 4: Take time every day to do something you LOVE. Anything reading, writing, singing, dancing, swimming, walking, bike riding, hiking, surfing, meditating, laughing, and smiling. Laughing is such an amazing tool; it will relax you and release endorphins, (those wonderful feel good hormones.) Get these feel good hormones flowing and lift yourself to higher places.

Tip 5: Take risks. What do you have to lose? If you have a burning desire to do something that is calling you go for it, try it. Feelings of desire can be your inner self-giving you the push you need to initiate change. That feeling is your self-esteem before ego or fear or any other negative emotion takes over. Have the courage to listen to it.

I believe everything starts with how much love you have for yourself, how worthy you feel to receive and what you are prepared to do to obtain those awesome things you so deserve.

For more on building self-esteem for women, get a hold of my new book “Soar Like An Eagle Beautiful Woman” from or

If you are keen to go on that self-discovery journey with me as your guide, lets book a free 15min chat.

Thank you for your interest,

Have an awe-inspiring day

Love from your self-esteem cheerleader

Rachel xo

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