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Why Is Practicing Mindfulness Useful When Implementing Change?

Wow here we are approaching Easter 2017, already. How is your year going so far, have you reached any of your goals? Perhaps you didn't really set any goals but liked the sound of it. Time gets away from us and so often we forget about ourselves and how important our dreams really are. There is a process for everything and the only way to initiate change is through commitment, practise and being the change.

For us to create change in our lives it really helps to have the support of those around us, family, friends, co-workers etc. There is power in knowledge and numbers and a louder voice to be heard. If we, as a human race all took time out for ourselves to listen to our intuition, to be guided by our authentic self, I truly believe we would be in a place of more understanding, compassion, kindness and love.

If I was to recall to you according to the Oxford Journal, "practising mindfulness creates a more stable and balanced mode of awareness, improves mental health and increases brain processing power". Would this not excite you into thinking there is so much more to us than what we are currently aware of? What if it was said that practising mindfulness and meditation improves sleep, chronic pain, reduces stress, builds immunity, focus and brings balance into your life. Would this entice you to learn and practice it? Just imagine if every single human had the opportunity to identify with this, learn it, feel it, be it! Well we can, it takes someone like you to experience it and share with those you come in contact with as people love to hear about how and why we feel so great.

I bit about me, and one of my life experiences. When I was in my 20"s I was a very stressed, anxious unhappy person without being fully aware of it. I knew my personal life was a mess however, I didn't realise how it was affecting my health. One day I went to the Doctor thinking I was going to have heart attack. My heart would often randomly start pumping madly jumping out of my chest. I couldn't breathe, I felt dizzy and faint, I wanted to be sick. After a few tests to confirm my heart was ok and my brain was ok, my blood results were ok. I was suffering from panic attacks! Server debilitating anxiety attacks. What the heck is this I wondered? My Dr at the time suggested I learn meditation. However back then (20 years ago) I didn't know anything about it. I didn't know anyone who practiced it and I just didn't follow through with it. For me, I still had lessons to learn about recognising the signs and listening to my body. I now believe the teacher appears when we are ready to learn.

This brings me to the now, teaching others about meditation and mindfulness is not only a passion but also a gift. We all need to find ways to cope better and attract the tribe that supports us. Today I am in control. I know how to deal with situations that create stress and anxiety. I can proudly say when I decided that I wanted to live a happy healthy life, I realised it wasn't going to happen visiting the gym 4 nights a week focusing on my external self. It was going to come from a place of learning who I am, my authentic self, listening to my inner wisdom and tuning in through awareness and mindfulness. These past 10 years have been my healing, and growing years. Now I have the experience, knowledge and largely the passion to help others to also move forward in their lives.

What is your passion? Are you following your dreams or just existing because that's what you believe is all you can do? Life is more than just existing, be inspired do what excites you and makes you get up each day with drive and enthusiasm. Be the person you love by choosing the life you love.

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