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Kids self-esteem how important is it?

According to Louise Hay “Almost all of our programming, both negative and positive, was accepted by us by the time we were three years old. Our experiences since then are based upon what we accepted and believed about ourselves and about life at that time”.

We are born with pure intention with many life lessons ahead to learn from. After birth each year that goes by we socialise and meet influences such as; family members, teachers, friend’s, coaches. We start listening to others, being guided and directed. We conform with society and life, often as they know it.

Do you recall any situations you were in as a child that given the option today, would not handle it in the same way? Would you question the person who was guiding you? What kind of effect does this have on you? These encounters groom us and can change our beliefs and sometimes create internal conflict.

After many years of growing, learning, experiencing ups and downs, we become adults. Thinking we’ve got this under control ready to take on adulthood with sound knowledge, emotional balance and all the right answers to succeed. Well...not likely for most of us, we struggle for years going against our essential nature or trying to fit into society, groups, relationships etc. and wonder why we feel tired, exhausted and stressed and many times left without a voice.

How important is it to have a voice?

Extremely, when we suppress our voice it hurts, it becomes a build up of stress we grind our teeth, clench our jaws, feel sick in the pit of our stomachs. These reactions become trapped emotions. We hang onto them and often become consumed by them. Do you ever stop and wonder what happens to those emotions/feelings when suppressed? Unfortunately illness is often what happens.

If we can develop awareness for our kids and teach them tools that will aid them in;

*Valuing themselves

*Honouring and loving themselves

*Having a voice

*Staying calm

Then as they grow we build a generation of healthy, strong, confident kids, who learn how to trust themselves and the process as their life lessons become real. Building your self-esteem is the key to happiness, balance and peacefulness.

Just for a minute I would like you to imagine this scenario; Here you are in the middle of a life lesson that is challenging, a decision needs to be made that requires courage, honesty, without judging yourself or being prejudice in any way. Choosing to love yourself during this process and trusting you have the answers to move through this time...Would you have the tools to do it?

To have knowledge and tools on how to cope and react gives us choices. Everything in life is about choices and decisions. As we learn and implement ways to develop our self-esteem we become aware of how important our self-esteem really is.

We have the ability to re-train the brain with new behaviours, new reactions to be able to change our emotions to serve us better in times of stress, anxiety and decision making. It is exciting, inspiring and extremely rewarding to learn how to build our self-esteem. Knowing that Self-esteem is who you truly are, we owe it to ourselves and our kids to learn it, practise it develop it and to be our best.

We spend time and money on our looks, what we wear, what we own, what we drive, where we go on holidays etc. However at the end of our lives these material items can create false emotional happiness and means nothing if we have not discovered and honoured our true self. We need to live by our values, core needs and learn how to love ourselves.

For more tips on how to build your self-esteem check out my "Top 5 Tips on Building Self-Esteem blog.


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