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Love Yourself Not Your Ego

When you say, “I love myself” what pops into your mind? Is it safe to say those words? Will others judge me?

It is a sad reality that most of us were taught that people who love themselves were... love o's or weird o's. That we could not say these words and really mean we love and accept ourselves just as we are.

What is Ego? Our ego can be determined by what others have said to us or about us, at which time we then form an opinion of ourselves. Our ego is made up of what we have been subjected to in our life, who we have been associated with and what type of activities we have taken part in. Ego can have both positive & negative thoughts and can sometimes make us feel over confident or at times lacking in confidence. Ego is made up of imagination, interpretation, opinions and emotions. It is our conscious mind. We listen to our ego often, we compare ourselves to others, we try to be like others and we listen to others. How can we truly love ourselves when all this is going on?

Learning the difference between ego and self-esteem is the place to start. Our self-esteem is our true self it lays beyond our thoughts and ego, it is who we truly are and is our self-worth.

Low self-esteem can create limiting beliefs. By this I mean you believe what you say, for example if you think and say you will never be good enough to do something then you wont. Many of us are unaware of the impact this has when we have these kinds of thoughts; “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t fit in”, “I don’t look the part”, “no one would want to listen to what I have to say”, “I’m not smart enough to make lots of money”, “its too hard for me so I wont try”, “I’m not worthy”. Any of these sound familiar?

Our thoughts and words become our actions and reactions to everything in life. According to statistics it is said we have around 50,000 thoughts daily. Knowing this how do we stop these thoughts and start working in congruence so we can achieve, succeed, feel worthy and love ourselves?

Go on a journey of self-discovery. Learn how to trust yourself, make your own decisions based on who you truly are and start living out your dreams and desires. After all that is what we are here for. Don’t waste another minute thinking unworthy damaging thoughts, do not let another take away your happiness and joy. Be in control of who and what you are as well as how you feel. This is your life and those who don’t fit in are simply here to teach you a lesson. Look at this as a wonderful tool to help you through the challenging times and always tell yourself you accept yourself as you are.

I have in the past spent many years feeling like I was not good enough to succeed or achieve. That I wasn't smart enough to have a VOICE. Always looking at others and wishing I was more like them. While these thoughts were playing over in my head I was a confidant, friendly, loving person, yet I was suffering greatly from low self-esteem.

NOT anymore learning to love myself is turning out to be the most rewarding experience, better than any merit award, trophy, certificate, pat on the back or any other gift that I have been given. Why, because I am finding my true self through listening and trusting. I decided to stop seeking outward all the time. To be guided by my inner voice. This I learned through reading, meditating, choosing words that honour who I am, positive self-talk, rewarding my self with eating healthy foods and nourishing drinks. Appreciating how capable I truly am, relaxing when ever I can in order to nourish and look after my body & mind.

Let us get on with it people, life is too short to spend it feeding egos with damaging thoughts fuelled by disempowering emotions. Its time to give back to ourselves. We can re-train our brain and learn how to love and accept ourselves just as we are.

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