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Welcome to discovering your level of consciousness

No matter what your quiz results you have landed in the right place. All levels of consciousness require guidance and support to grow and transform.

​Are you ready to dive deeper into your awakening?

Are you seeking sage/wisdom?

Are you a conscious creator?

Are you an enlightened empath? ​

Great you are going to love this, lets go on a Journey of Transformation!





About Rachel

Rachel is a soul healer ready to share her knowledge and teachings with you. It is time to heal and come together to raise the frequency of ourselves and our earth.

"Unbelievable amount of knowledge"

Rachel is the most down to earth healer I have ever met. She has an unbelievable amount of knowledge in the an assortment off healing treatments she provides. 

Bronwyn Hamilton

"I always feel loved and supported in your session"

Rachel is so easy to talk to and she has so much knowledge to guide you on. The ancestral healing session was amazing. Thank you Rachel, apart from the healing, I aways feel loved and supported in your sessions.

Debbie Stubbs

"The moment I met Rachel I knew she was very special"

From the moment I met Rachel I knew she was very special. She inspires and changes so many lives through her services which I use. Including my life. She comes from the right space and her heart is huge, as is her knowledge. She has so much experience that can benefit all ages. I highly recommend Rachel’s services to anyone. Thank you Rachel and Proud Peacock.

Julie Bailey

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