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 Program for 7-11 yr olds

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Welcome to our  program, jam packed with awesomeness. The Proud Peacock program offers primary-aged children  7-11 years an opportunity to learn more about themselves, gain confidence, learn how to have a healthy mind, feel great and create positive change.

Children are often affected by experiences that leave them feeling insecure, scared or angry, therefore shaping the rest of their lives. Rather than waiting for those emotions to surface and develop into anger, sadness, anxiety, depression or other, we can teach children how to develop behaviours that will serve them in a positive way, reinforcing love, compassion, kindness and very importantly self esteem!

During the Proud Peacock program we cover 6 x topics; Love, Kindness, Self Esteem, Trust, Gratitude and Stillness. We offer activities, games, stories, craft and more that embrace and capture the meaning of each topic.

The Proud Peacock program teaches children resilience, confidence, self esteem, emotional wellness, self-awareness, self- regulation and more. The program is designed to assist children with learning tools and strategies that improve focus, memory, self esteem, happiness and decrease stress, worry, sadness and other less desirable emotions.  


  • Love

  • Kindness 

  • Trust

  • Self- esteem

  • Gratitude

  • Stillness

  • Meditation & mindfulness


Investment $249
Program includes facilitator's, all resources; workbooks/folders, activities and ongoing support.




Special Offer - from Rachel

"For the first time since facilitating these programs I am offering a session for the parents/carers. I believe it is very important that we learn how to support ourselves and others. What the children learn in these programs will benefit the whole family and community. Therefore I am including in the cost of the program a three hour session for the adults. We will cover the content of the program, tips and tools and allow time for questions and answers".

Ongoing support will also be available after the program including a half an hour one-on- one session with Rachel.

Rachel would also like to include a copy of "The Proud Peacock Book"

*Amazing value here
* Limited spots.
* Please message any questions you may have.

Available for schools, organization's and groups during school hours and after school.

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