My name is Rachel Dickey I am a Holistic Practitioner. One of my roles is facilitating children’s and youth programs. Through personal development, awareness and understanding these programs promote healing, create positive change and inspire young people to be the best version of themselves.

We have a serious problem on our hands with our young people who are struggling. Many of our youth are simply surviving rather than thriving.

  • Self-harm

  • Suicide ideation

  • Low self-esteem and self-worth

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

I have conversations with teenagers who are getting help and still feel alone, not heard, and numb.

When this happens we need intervention that supports the person in their entirety.

Most of the kids suffering today have been bullied whether it be at the hands of and adult or another child. This doesn’t go away on its own. It takes time, commitment, ongoing support and guidance, love, compassion and understanding.

It takes a community to support children and sometimes an empire.

I have lived in the Boyne/Tannum community for 2 years and have seen first hand what school bullying has done to my 15 year old daughter and several of her friends.

I have been guided to make an offer to this community. I am seeking 10 young people (teenagers) who need and want help.

First bit more about me. I am a mother of four children, I am the founder of the Proud Peacock Children Programs. The last 7 years has been devoted to developing ways to help young people and their families. I have studied Holistic Counselling, Life Coaching, Child, Youth & Family Intervention, Meditation & Mindfulness, Tai Chi and Energy Healing.

It’s not about the credentials although it is comforting to some. My passion comes from a much deeper place so deep it’s difficult to find the words that describe my reason for choosing this path. I know the level of suffering is high and I also know we were not born to suffer like this. There is more to the problem than the “problem”. We can help each other heal, grow and turn trauma into peace.

If you have a teenager that is suffering I recommend you apply for a spot in this group.

More about why I can offer this -

They say people come into your life for all sorts of reasons, often we are either the teacher or the student. I have had a few incredible mentors and teachers in my time so far. They have supported me in many ways. Which I am incredibly grateful for.

One of them is my very selfless friend who has endured a life of suffering at the hands of others. My friend has some stories that make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and leave you feeling sick.

My friend has no material items in her life she does not own a house, car, boat or caravan. She has a few household items that brings her comfort such as furniture, clothing and her garden. She is a renter like many of us and has found herself homeless at times. She has been left with nothing but her fighting spirit many times in her life so far.

I think you have the picture. But there is more. My friend had a small amount of super that she gained access to. What would you do with money if you had such few material items in your life?

Despite my refusal of her financial offering it is not about the money but about the healing.

My friend has always wanted to help children and she has insisted on doing this through Proud Peacock. She has asked me to share the programs message and healing to children because she wants to help those who are suffering like she did.

My friends name is Georgie and it means a lot to her to offer the funding for this program. We want to help the children who are suffering. Through therapeutic intervention we want to show them another way, we want to show them love, compassion, understanding, hope and healing. This is more than a program and this is available because of people who want better for all children and who have healed from their own trauma’s.


My intentions for this program is to run a two day Lets Chill healing program.

Included –


What will we do -

During the two days we will share our stories, learn about ourselves and others, make new connections with ourselves and others. We will listen, be creative, be still, experience sound healing, and energy healing, be supported, be professionally guided, be motivated, be given a life changing opportunity.


Please send an email to about your child, what is going on for them and why you would like them to be gifted this program. Suggested age group  13-16 year olds. 


Location Tannum Sands most likely the RSL TBC

All resources will be provided, only need to bring food and water.

Call or email Rachel with any questions – 0435 713 93