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As a Life & Mindfulness Coach I often hear women say "all I want is that my kids are happy and healthy". Yes that is a fair comment however your happiness and wellness is just as important. When we acknowledge this we open ourselves to being able to assist our kids in a very powerful way. I have discovered the key to loving your life is loving yourself. It gives me great pleasure in bringing this workshop to you and your daughter as a means of creating awareness, insight and sharing tips and tools to help you both love your life. I believe the benefits of doing a workshop like this together is not only creating beautiful memories but creates more respect, love and ignites passions.


What you will learn;

* Your "Being & Having Values" 

* How to recognise your dreams and desires

* What is self-esteem

* How to build self-esteem

* Understanding mindfulness

* How to self-calm

* Implementing positive change


What will we be doing?

The workshop is a three hour afternoon session, we will engage in a talk about the above topics then break for afternoon tea. We will then experience learning and practising moving meditation through Tai Chi, Qigong and finish with a relaxing guided meditation. 


Investment: $67 for Mother & Daughter 


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