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Learn what is mindfulness, the benefits and how to meditate.

This online course will provide you with beneficial information on what is meditation the benefits and the how to do. You will receive over four weeks a booklet and video each week with information, practices and support. Here is a list of what you can expect from this course;

  • Understanding mindfulness

  • Stress and the effects of stress

  • Utilising mindfulness as a way of managing stress

  • The benefits to be gained from regular meditation

  • The difference between relaxation & meditation

  • Different styles of mediation

  • How meditation effects the brain

  • Alternatives to meditation that provide similar benefits

  • Relaxation techniques


Why would it benefit me to learn about Meditation & Mindfulness?


There are many physiological & psychological benefits to be gained from regular meditation practice. Learning how to relax & be present is truly a gift to self. Take time to learn how to go within, listen to your inner self, tune in, be in control of your thoughts, actions & ultimately how you feel. Everything we do in life is for a feeling learning how to feel under our own terms is a skill. Join me in learning more about this with our online course.


(Suitable for ages 16+)



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