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Quiet Lake


Learn what is mindfulness & how to meditate

This course offers a great opportunity to understand what meditation is how it benefits us & how to do it. Start to be & feel amazing NOW!

•Utilising mindfulness to manage stress
•The benefits to be gained from regular meditation
•The difference between relaxation & meditation
•Different styles of mediation
•How meditation effects the brain
•Alternatives to meditation that provide similar benefits
•Relaxation techniques

★Why would it benefit me to learn about Meditation & Mindfulness?
There are many physiological & psychological benefits to be gained from regular meditation practice. Learning how to relax & be present is truly a gift to self. Take time to learn how to go within, listen to your inner self, tune in, be in control of your thoughts, actions & ultimately how you feel. Everything we do in life is for a feeling; let’s learn how to make these feelings great more often than not! (Suitable for ages 16+)

INVESTMENT; $127 includes workbooks & resources

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