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Program for 12-15 yr olds

The Lets Chill program offers 12-15 year old children an opportunity to experience personal development, gain confidence, learn how to regulate emotions and how to have a healthy mind creating positive change. 

The program teaches young people life skills that will remind them of who they are, how they can feel and how they can manage their emotions. It is a powerful experience learning and understanding that we can self-regulate our emotions and that the brain can be altered to support new positive behaviours. 

The Lets Chill Program is inspiring, motivating and empowering. When teenagers come together and learn about these life skills they thrive. It is an opportunity to plant some important seeds that supports mental health, wellness and mostly supports the young person. 

The content in the program provides information, skills, tools, strategies, guidance and inspiration. The Let's Chill program also teaches tweens and teens how to relax, quieten the mind and develop a stronger sense of self and ones abilities to make excellent choices.


During the program we learn how to build self-esteem, understand what values are, how to choose values, how to value self and others, develop empathy, mindfulness and meditation and more. These all support healthy mental health and wellness and overall happiness.


The topics in the program (listed below) not only enhance ones ability to cope but also improves focus, sleep and relationships.  With the use of the shared tools and strategies in this program children can expect a decreases in stress, worry and undesirable emotions. With an increase of self esteem, resilience, confidence and ability to regulate emotions and potential more depending on each individual and how much they take away from the program. 


  • Values, kindness

  • Self Esteem, Ego

  • The Brain, Emotions

  • Anxiety & Fear

  • Trust & Gratitude

  • Meditation & Mindfulness


Investment $249

Program includes facilitator's, all resources; workbooks/folders, activities and ongoing support.




Special Offer - from Rachel 

"For the first time since facilitating these programs I am offering a session for the parents/carers. I believe it is very important that we learn how to support ourselves and others. What the children learn in these programs will benefit the whole family and community. Therefore I am including in the cost of the program a three hour session for the adults. We will cover the content of the program, tips and tools and allow time for questions and answers".

Ongoing support will also be available after the program including a half an hour one-on- one session with Rachel and a group session on zoom. 

Rachel would also like to include a copy of her book "Soar Like An Eagle Beautiful Woman". 

*Amazing value here 
* Limited spots.
* Please message any questions you may have. 

Programs are available to schools, organization's and groups during school hours and after school.

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