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Proud Peacock 
Supporting Families


Are you seeking some extra support for yourself or your children? All families have their personal and professional challenges and struggles to face. Struggles such as low self esteem, anxiety and depression, understanding emotions and lack of coping strategies.


Learning and developing key areas such as; self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management, managing emotions and values are very important to our happiness. Learning how to recognise and regulate emotions, develop empathy for others, understanding relationships, establishing and building positive relationships, making responsible decisions are also very important. We want all our children to be learning and developing these life skills. 

Most families are busy juggling work, school and after school activities. This leaves little if any time to teach children the importance of life skills. 

Here is how we can help you and your family;

Proud Peacock Programs and Workshops.

There are two programs Proud Peacock 7-11yrs and Let's Chill 12-15yrs. The programs have had a huge success with many children. The age appropriate content enhances their knowledge and awareness. The programs plant the important seeds of life skills and help develop strong foundations. Participating in the programs is a great opportunity to be empowered and inspired creating positive role models and leaders within our youth.

Programs & Workshops

Proud Peacock Program

Let's Chill


Proud Peacock Online 

Let's Chill


Building Self Esteem Workshop

7 - 11 yr olds

Building Self Esteem Workshop

12 -15 yr olds

Meditation & Mindfulness


All ages

Mother Daughter



ages 12 and up 

My son suffers from anxiety and Rachel Dickey’s Proud Peacock program helped him so much that we did it twice! I can’t recommend this program enough. It not only taught my son some invaluable techniques for dealing with his anxiety, but also to accept it as part of who he is. Rachel helped him see past his worries and realise that his anxiety does not define who he is. We still use some of the techniques from the program more than a year later. We loved every minute of it and are thankful for Rachel for putting it together”.


Dear Rachel,

Having workshops like the one you have organised for the children, are very beneficial to growing kids.

They keep their mind busy, meet new friends, learn and practice how to relax, slow down, meditate. Rather than using the iPad games, iPhones and electronics.

I encourage the type of workshop you run for the kids, so they can connect with their inner self, and reflect on their personality.

It would be so awesome to see more workshops for this young generation of kids.

Thank you so so much for your hard work and effort, and we are looking forward to participate in more workshops to come, as it is soooooooo needed.

Regards Kristina



After working with kids and families for a many years, I am very aware of the importance of working as a team in a family unit. To make positive change we all need to be aware of our actions and be responsible for our behaviours. 

Do you experience any of the following in your home;

  • ​Anxiety

  • Fear

  • Stress

  • Anger

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Self sabotage

  • Low self-esteem and confidence

Then let's have a chat about making some positive changes. 

Coaching for kids

Coaching provides kids with support, guidance and tools to make positive changes. It is a great experience that leaves kids feeling good about themselves and with new skills to become more resilient, confident, happy and peaceful.

Coaching kids  is about moving forward and gaining techniques and skills to strive with confidence, passion and belief in ones self. We offer one on one sessions, group sessions and workshops to enable all types of learning comforts. I believe  all kids deserve the opportunity to feel great and know how to make excellent choices with trust in themselves.














Coaching for Adults 

We all need support and guidance at times in our lives . By having a Life Coach by your side means you have decided to take steps to be in charge of your life.  Often we get a little lost along our way or have suffered from a life changing experience. Coaching can inspire you to move forward, make positive changes and live the life you desire. Coaching/mentoring with myself will provide you with all you need to discovery your authentic self and set you up for success, together we make amazing things happen. Learning who you are and what you are capable of will ignite new beginnings. As your coach I offer you understanding, compassion, strength, motivation, guidance and support.

Here is what you can expect to gain from your coaching experience;

  • Mindfulness

  • Energy and alignment work

  • Reconnecting with your true self

  • Building your self-esteem

  • Understanding your values

  • Discovering your archetypes

  • Identifying any limiting beliefs

  • Setting achievable goals

  • Increase focus, confidence and self awareness

  • Decrease stress and tension​

Thanks! Message sent.

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