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Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi/Qigong 10 week program

Learn this amazing healing ancient practice 

This is a 10 week beginners program. The sessions will run for 50 minutes, we will practice Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation.


If you have never tried this practice before now is a great time to come along to learn, experience and feel the magic.


Tai Chi and Qigong are ancient Chinese practices dated back to the 13th century. The word Qigong divides into Qi and Gong: Qi = vitality, energy, life force; Gong = practice, cultivate, refine; Qigong = to cultivate and refine through practice one's vitality or life force. Pronounced CHEE GUNG.

Tai Chi (supreme ultimate) and Qi Gong (energy work) share the same philosophical basis. However their origins and execution are different.


The benefits are huge for our health and wellness including much needed relaxation, here are just a few;

• Reduce stress

• Reduce anxiety and depression

• Lower blood pressure

• Increase muscle strength and flexibility

• Increase immunity

• Create more energy

• Posture

• Balance

• Increases focuses and memory

• Keeps you grounded

• Helps with decision making

• Gain clarity

Investment $150 for 10 weeks

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