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Archetype Reading

How exciting here awaits an opportunity for you to discover your personality types! 

It is believed that we are all born with three main personality types (archetypes). However as we grow and develop we adopt new behaviours and beliefs that often leave us thinking and wondering who we really are. 

Based on your answers the archetype quiz will provide some very powerful, insightful qualities that will assist you in all areas of your life. 

The reading will go through your strengths, what challenges you, your potential gifts, your core needs and values.

By completing the form below and making payment of only $25 you will receive the Archetype quiz in your inbox.


Please email me your results with a preferred time to call you when we can go over your very inspiring results. If you prefer your results to be emailed please indicate when sending through your results.

I can't wait to help you discover more about who you are on a deeper level than you have ever been before. Show you how to use your strengths, discover what motivates you and how you can use these traits to enhance your life.


For me this was life changing and now I want to share it with you :) 


Thanks! Message sent.

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