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"Huge thank you to Rachel for bringing a beautiful smile to my daughter’s face...your kind, gentle words and compassion calmed her nerves and she told me, she felt safe. She is so excited to come again and do it by herself, which is a big thing, so thank you for a lovely morning and we’ll definitely see you again soon. Highly recommend!"



Where innovation becomes transformation

Certified Natural Healer Reiki
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My name is Rachel Dickey, I am a Holistic Practitioner. I have a beautiful family including our pets whom I adore. I love being outdoors, learning, meditating, socialising and being alone.

I have had some hard life lessons that tried to shape who I am. However with study, personal development and listening to my intuition I am who I was born to be. Now I am in a position to guide and support others in a valuable way.


When I was in my 20's- 30's I experienced debilitating anxiety attacks, allowed myself to be in undesirable relationships and often listened to what others thought. I have since learnt how to accept myself lovingly, listen to myself first and make choices based on what is best for me. I am aware of my values, my strengths, what challenges me and how to self regulate my emotions.


I sincerely believe we all deserve the right to know how to feel good, how to shift or change our energy and how to work on ourselves. 

Through awareness innovation becomes transformation.​

Holistic Counsellor 

Meditation & Mindfulness Therapist

Shaman Practitioner  

Reiki Master 

Crystal Healing Practitioner

Colour & Art Therapist

Tai Chi Instructor 



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Here is a little taster of my book "Soar Like An Eagle Beautiful Woman". Click onto the link to listen to a  few pages. I hope you enjoy my top 5 tips on building self-esteem.

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